Why You Should Upgrade Your Stock CPU Cooler

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We all are familiar with various computer parts like the hard drive, RAM, and CD ROM. However, most people often do not bother to learn about the heatsink installed within the CPU. Its purpose is to remove the heat generated by the computer parts and take it away, keeping the system cool. It prevents overheating and enables the computer to run smoothly without any interruptions. You might notice them on the processors and graphics card of your computer. Upgrading the stock CPU heatsink helps in improving the overall performance of your system and keeps it from incurring possible issues within the hardware.

Types of Heatsink

The different kinds of heatsinks meant for different purposes are as follows;

  • Passive Heatsink: It uses conductive material to keep the hardware of the computer cool at all times. It does not use a fan, making the heat dissipation a soundless function. The passive heatsinks require a sufficient amount of airflow to work at their optimum level.
  • Active Heatsink: These are independent heatsinks that take the heat away and removes it from the system. It is an effective tool that uses a fan to transfer the heat generated by the hardware components into the airflow. The efficiency of the fan might drop significantly if the fan malfunctions.

Advantages of a Heatsink

It is a well-established fact that heatsinks are necessary for the smooth running of computers. It helps systems work efficiently and perform all their tasks without any interruption. Some of the benefits include;

  • The aluminum heatsink is a good thermal conductor that is quite easier to manufacture and install in computers.
  • It is resistant to any corrosion.
  • It is a durable tool that helps retain the computer systems for a long time.
  • Heatsinks made of aluminum are relatively cheaper and increasingly useful.
  • It has an increased mechanical performance that helps in the rapid execution of heat dissipation tasks.
  • It also adds a decorative effect to your computer, depending on the size and color you choose to buy.
  • The aluminum ones are also lightweight but equally efficient.

The traditional copper heatsinks are not as good as the aluminum ones in terms of performance, efficiency, and price. There is no need to turn off the computer after using for a long time once a competent heatsink is installed. Offices, schools, and various organizations find the aluminum ones increasingly valuable and useful.

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