Advantages Of LED Grow Lights Over Traditional Grow Lights

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For healthier and quicker plant growth led grow light is a new horticulture approach. There are so many factors that induce the introduction of these lights as traditional to grow lights lack in providing certain benefits. Led grow lights are more beneficial than traditional grow lights in many ways described below.

Consume less power

The biggest benefit led grow lights provide is that it consumes very fewer amounts of watts than traditional lights which the primary reason for its growing demand. According to an average estimate led grow lights take about 32 watts to cover one square ft of the growing area while traditional one uses double.

Low heat production

Heat production in the grow room is totally reliant on the number of watts that light produces. Temperature management in the grow room is critical for better plant growth as the extreme temperature tends to sabotage the plants. Led light due to low watt consumption produces less heat in the surrounding environment.

Longer lifespan

Led lights to have a higher lifespan than MH and HPS bulbs while many led grow light traders claims 50000 hours life which is equal to 10 years of which quite surprising true and favorable for gardeners to invest in one-time cost.

Low maintenance cost

Traditional light requires replacement after a few thousand hours usages while on the other handled growth lights work well without any maintenance cost under its lifetime even the diodes don’t require any maintenance or replacement.


Sometimes due to small growing area lights are places near plants and contacted with water very often so it is very important that growing lights should be waterproof.  Most garners prefer waterproof lighting fixture to save them from the effects of water sprays and splashes. Led grow light is completely waterproof doesn’t react to water if it comes in contact by mistake.

Easy to install

Large setup requires complex installation requirement but in the small, to medium setup, you just need to plug in the light, hang it up and let the airflow and temperature stable.

Eco friendly

Led light considered safe for the environment as it does not contain mercury in it and they are completely metal-free so it doesn’t leach when disposing of.

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