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Meet the Leading CNC Machining Parts Manufacturer of China

Located in the heart of Industrial Gathering District, Changshu City, China, Zhaoqing Guolv Metalware Co., Ltd is a well-reputed CNC parts manufacturer with a dedicated team of professional engineers. We were founded in 2015. With an experience of over four years in the specialized field of accumulation and development, we are engaged in the process of designing, sales, and production of the best quality and highly durable CNC aluminum parts. We have been instituted as the most brilliant CNC machining parts manufacturer in the China region and all across the world as well.


cnc machining parts manufacturer

What Is CNC Machining?

Computerized Numerical Control, also known as the CNC Machining, is a technique used to complete a varied range of manufacturing operations, which are all carried out by hi-tech computer devices. CNC machining parts manufacturer with the assistance of the software that is Computer-Aided Design (CAD) and Computer-Aided Machining (CAM) in the late 1970s, CNC machines swapped the old-school labor-intensive machines with the high-advanced and highly-productive machines.

CNC parts manufacturer now makes the advanced CNC machines that are able to be managed by software design or programming language to carry out a wide variety of operations with higher accuracy. These machines also grant for more automatic control, which enhances productivity. CNC parts China offers machines that are fast, safe, and very efficient, and that too, in very amazing pricing.

Shop for the Best CNC Parts China

We are regarded as the top CNC machining parts manufacturer when it comes to providing top-class machining parts and product parts with specialized CNC machines. We have defined the standards of quality while keeping the affordable price for our customers. We have built an image as the best-sellers in over forty countries around the world, encompassing five different continents. We have worked hard with dedication to provide the best services when it comes to industrial die casting, production of machining parts, cutting, extrusion, oxidization, and powder coating. We have earned the title of the best CNC machining parts manufacturer in five continents of the world by providing the outclass quality at very reasonable prices to our customers, and therefore, building a satisfied clientele.

Why Choose Us?

You can find everything according to your needs and requirements. If your desire is to get your hands on the best quality and most durable die-casting and machining products at a reasonable price, Zhaoqing Guolv Metalware Co., Ltd. is your place to choose.

  1. From durability and longevity to providing the reliability backed up with top-notch quality, we have an all-in-one package for you.
  2. We have the most dedicated team of professional engineers who prefer to mandate one-on-one conversation with the customers to understand their needs and design the product that “they need.”
  3. We focus on customer satisfaction instead of skyrocketing the prices. We concentrate on pricelessness rather than pricey

Your Complete Solution for Various CNC parts China

By providing a series of product categories, we have become one of the world’s best-selling brands when it comes to industrial machining and die-casting. From getting your hands on actively, as well as passively integrated heat compression sinks to getting the best CNC parts China, you can find everything with us. We as the well-known CNC parts manufacturer, offer a wide range of custom products such as:

  • Custom CNC parts China, produced with the best quality aluminum, stainless steel, and brass
  • We also make Anodized aluminum CNC machining readily available based on custom requests
  • Aluminum sink for LED and heat radiators are one of our best-selling products
  • The grow lights encompassing a full spectrum range and quantum board
  • Keenly the scarifies cutters have been the best-sellers in over 40 countries around the world



Zhaoqing Guolv Metalware Co., Ltd,

More than Four years development and accumulation create seven major Keenly series scarifier cutters.AII-around classification, high-quality product and reasonable price, Let Keenly scarifier cutters sell well in more than 40 countries on five continents.Using Keenly scarifier cutters that you will be never regret!


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Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machine is all about how manufacturers and operators control and run production gears using a computer program. These machines use a language identified as g-code, which...

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What are the CNC parts?

The CNC components are used for grinding, milling, and turning methods to manufacture different items. Whatever company you run, it is essential to have the CNC machining services and custom metal parts for different things, such as bank safes, kiosks, tankers, computer device racks, and custom storage racks.

What is a CNC machine, and how it works?

Computer Numerical Control (CNC) technology focuses on how designers and operators use a computer system to monitor and operate output gears. Such devices use a language known as g-code that tells the tool how to cut, mold, process, form, or melt different materials, including wood, plastic, or metal.

Computer numerical control, or CNC machining, is a subtractive manufacturing method that uses computerized controls and CNC pieces to remove content layers from a stock portion.

Where to buy CNC parts?

Zhaoqing Guolv Metalware Co., Ltd. is one of the leading CNC machining parts manufacturing firm of China. We offer various custom CNC parts in bulk at the wholesale rates to the global traders and buyers.