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Meet the Leading CNC Machining Parts Manufacturer of China

Located in the heart of Industrial Gathering District, Changshu City, China, Zhaoqing Guolv Metalware Co., Ltd is a well-reputed CNC parts manufacturer with a dedicated team of professional engineers. We were founded in 2015. With an experience of over four years in the specialized field of accumulation and development, we are engaged in the process of designing, sales, and production of the best quality and highly durable CNC  parts China. We have been instituted as the most brilliant China CNC machining parts manufacturer and supplier.

cnc machining parts manufacturer

What Is CNC Machining?

Computerized Numerical Control, also known as the CNC Machining, is a technique used to complete a varied range of manufacturing operations, which are all carried out by hi-tech computer devices. CNC machining parts manufacturer with the assistance of the software that is Computer-Aided Design (CAD) and Computer-Aided Machining (CAM) in the late 1970s, CNC machines swapped the old-school labor-intensive machines with the high-advanced and highly-productive machines. Read More



Zhaoqing Guolv Metalware Co., Ltd,

More than five years of development and accumulation of greatness and professionalism, Zhaoqing Guolv Metalware Co, Ltd. is now a well-reputed and trusted CNC machining parts manufacturer and supplier of China. OEM/ODM services with fully customized orders are our specialty. We have contract-based agreements with big and small companies in around 40+ countries.


22 October, 2020

We all are familiar with various computer parts like the hard drive, RAM, and CD ROM. However, most people often do not bother to learn about the heatsink installed within...

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18 September, 2020

It is a fact that plants need light for their growth and to make food. They are the only organisms that can use the energy from light to make sugars,...

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Parts machining is a method carried out by CNC machine parts vendors, where a piece of raw material is cut to match the precise dimensions. Also, the final form, size, or...

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A heatsink is a passive heat exchanger conveying heat. The Heatsink is usually a metallic component that can be added to a heat-releasing system to dissipate the heat to a...

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25 June, 2020

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11 May, 2020

Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machine is all about how manufacturers and operators control and run production gears using a computer program. These machines use a language identified as g-code, which...

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What are the CNC parts?

The CNC components are used for grinding, milling, and turning methods to manufacture different items. Whatever company you run, it is essential to have the CNC machining services and custom metal parts for different things, such as bank safes, kiosks, tankers, computer device racks, and custom storage racks.

What is a CNC machine, and how it works?

Computer Numerical Control (CNC) technology focuses on how designers and operators use a computer system to monitor and operate output gears. Such devices use a language known as g-code that tells the tool how to cut, mold, process, form, or melt different materials, including wood, plastic, or metal.

Computer numerical control, or CNC machining, is a subtractive manufacturing method that uses computerized controls and CNC pieces to remove content layers from a stock portion.

Where to buy CNC parts?

Zhaoqing Guolv Metalware Co., Ltd. is one of the leading CNC machining parts manufacturing firm of China. We offer various custom CNC parts in bulk at the wholesale rates to the global traders and buyers.


Benefits of CNC Machining Parts

There are many benefits of CNC machining parts. Guolv Metalware as the leading China CNC parts supplier and manufacturer is here to offer you the best. Some of its advantages are discussed here:

  1. The accuracy of all the components of the CNC machine ensures a consistent quality of the product. The procedure is more precise than manual operation and can be repeated in exactly a similar way over and over again.
  2. The CNC machining parts show increased manufacturing speed and increased efficiency. Computers are employed to regulate the machines; the procedure is automatic hence improving speed and quality of the production.
  3. Another amazing benefit for the operators of CNC machine parts is its safety. Using CNC parts China are much safer in contrast to the manually operated machines as they function behind a guard or even a closed, transparent security door.
  4. All the CNC Machining parts are cost-effective and quite affordable. Conventional machining needs one operative per machine. CNC machining needs fewer machine workers since one expert operator can run numerous machines at one time. Since the CNC is so precise, it diminishes errors from the production process and eradicated unnecessary waste.
  5. CNC machining parts have various applications in many industries, including aerospace, dental, agriculture, construction, transportation, production, electronics, automotive, etc.